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Book Title, वृहद इन्द्रजाल : श्री पं० श्रीमणि शुक्ल. We request all the user if you unable to download the book वृहद . Anmol Mehta He is an ardent supporter of all progressive forces and is an ideologue to the core. As an activist, he has been involved in social work and human rights and has represented the cause of the weaker sections of the society, especially SC/STs. He has been associated with civil society movements like the rights-based movements like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the All India Kisan Sabha, the central and state-level movements for the rights of the SC/STs. Apart from the rights-based movements, he has been associated with the movement for the protection of the environment.Q: Extracting raster values from cells in a polygon shapefile in R I have a shapefile that contains polygons, and I would like to extract the values from each cell in the polygon. I'm trying to do this for a US national parks dataset. The polygons are for state parks, so some have more than one. I'm using the raster function in R to try to do this, but I'm not having any luck. library(sp) nps.env



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